editing servicesAny material your organization produces, from an annual report to a business letter, leaves an impression on the reader.

Your company is a success because you're an expert in what you do.

Poor editing can make potential customers question your expertise. Misspelled words, grammatical errors, awkward sentence structure and poor punctuation can make your company seem unprofessional or even sloppy and careless.

Reaching editorial perfection isn’t easy; even great writers struggle to edit well. If your business produces content, you need a professional editor.
editing services
Let us help you put your best foot forward. 

With Write for You in your corner, you focus on your core strengths while we transform your expertise into high-quality content.

Our services range from simple proofreading to editing an entire manuscript or website.

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Carrie Shearer

Jacquie Barr

"During my career in academia, I have written several books and over a hundred academic papers necessitating interacting with many editors, writers, and publishers. I have spent months of my life fighting with editors and writers to listen to what I want, communicate well with me, and return work in a prompt and efficient manner.

I have yet to find a writer or editor as competent and thorough as Jacquie at Write for You. Not only is her work superb, her efficiency and attention to detail is second to none. Her comprehension of the English language is outstanding and reflects the depth of her education and experience.

This is the best writing/editorial service I have ever used and will continue to use. I would strongly advise PhD and MS candidates, especially those whose first language is not English, to prepare their thesis through this service; this is true value for money!"