Anything you write that is consumer-facing is "content". Shouldn't it be compelling? Shouldn't it be comprehensive? Shouldn't it drive new business to you? Your website is loaded with "content"; Is it generating new, profitable business?

Personalized, relevant and effective content is an entirely different ball game from the three-fold brochure of days gone by.

content marketing creationGood content gives you a competitive advantage. It provides information without making a sales pitch. To create meaningful content, you must understand your customers' needs. You must know what issues keep them up at night.

Quality content gets your company's name in front of potential buyers. It engages the audience and showcases your company as a problem solver. It makes you the "go-to" business people think of when they're ready to buy your product or services.

If your business doesn't have the staff to develop written communications much less create a content strategy … Write for You can help.

We can review your existing communications, ensure your audience is receiving a consistent message, and write any pieces that might be missing. We can do as much or as little as you need.

We help clients get their content in front of their target audience. If you're contact marketing creationready for your business to graduate from backyard softball to the big leagues; if you're ready for your business to change from "just writing" to producing profitable results … 

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Carrie Shearer

Jacquie Barr

"Carrie created an email campaign that enabled us to develop a sense of shared purpose among our volunteers. By fostering a common vision, we were able to implement much-needed changes in a short time period."