Founded in 2009 with offices in Hilo, Hawai'i and Ithaca, New York, Write for You's Deluge of booksworking staff love writing. Seriously. Our dream jobs are researching, writing and editing.

Although only in business together two years, we have nearly 30 years' combined experience. In addition, we have a cadre of experts in specific fields to call upon when the need arises.

As a small firm, we offer personalized services that provide what your organization needs, and only what it needs. Our goal is to forge relationships that carry into the future.


Carrie Shearer has been a freelance writer, researcher, and editor for nearly two decades. She is a published author (fiction and a chapter in a business book) and has had web-based articles re-published in the Wall Street Journal.

Much of her work is in online content development for small companies such as Expat Spouse and RW3. She has also researched and written articles, blog posts, and how-to guides for MarketingProfs, as well as edited guides written by other experts. She also wrote frequently for Expatica, a European ezine and website. She currently produces the content for RW3.

Her expertise includes content strategy, community development management and technical writing. She appreciates the changes social media has brought to the content landscape and recommends using it when it is in the best interest of the client.

Educated at Cornell University, Carrie spent nearly 20 years working in the petroleum industry before following her heart and turning her writing hobby into a full-time occupation.

Jacquie Barr is a recent English graduate from the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. She has been a freelance editor and writer for several years.

Jacquie has a wide array of experiences. While in university, she managed the school's bi-weekly newspaper Ke Kalahea, published in UH Hilo's academic journal Hohonu, and helped design UH Hilo's English Department website.

She has edited everything from non-fiction essays on soil composition to biographies exploring spirituality, to romance novels.

Jacquie is a stickler for perfection, but understands that the reader often dictates the rules of writing: every audience is different, and tailoring writing for a certain audience is Jacquie's specialty.



Carrie Shearer

Jacquie Barr

"The Sciencenter's annual report to the community is an important and strategic fundraising communications piece for us. 

To help us tell the story of the increased educational impact we are having in our local community, Carrie interviewed several key volunteers and board members, and then artfully crafted concise language that captured their passion and excitement about the work they help us do. 

Not only did this help us build relationships with these individuals, it inspired others to get involved with us."